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Issue No. 9, 12 April, 2012
Fourth-Quarter Driver Turnover Makes Surprise Drop

After a year of quarterly increases, the turnover rate for truck drivers at large truckload fleets unexpectedly dipped one percentage point to an annualized rate of 88%, according to American Trucking AssociationsChief Economist Bob Costello. "This reprieve, while surprising, is likely temporary," says Costello.

FMCSA OKs window tinting on commercial vehicles

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has confirmed to the International Window Film Association that window tinting is permitted on commercial motor vehicles. In a Sept. 26 letter to FMCSA, IWFA said “historically, the enforcement community and the trucking industry have clearly taken the position that ‘no’ film was allowed on any vehicle operated as a commercial vehicle.”

2011 Driver Numbers, Wages Increase; March 2012 Sees Drop in Drivers

The number of heavy-duty truck drivers in 2011 rose 2.8% to 1.51 million from 1.46 million in 2010. It's the first yearly increase in the number of heavy truck drivers since 2008, when the number was 1.67 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Mean hourly wage increased last year to $19.15 per hour for heavy-duty truck drivers from $18.97 in 2010, and mean annual wage increased in 2011 to $39,830 from $39,450.

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The Real Ice Road Trucker Story

When we started Compass Truck Driving School, little did we know that we would have such interesting students coming through our doors. This week, we interviewed a student who was taking our refresher course program. His name is Keith and he is a real ice road trucker up in the most northern point in Alaska-Prudhoe Bay. We wanted to hear his story of what it’s really like to drive a big rig on ice roads without all the hype and drama. So, here’s what we found out…

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