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Issue No. 6, 23 February, 2012
iTECH: Smart Phone Apps for Trucking...

When truck drivers grab their smart phones to search for the best chili dog or shower facilities, or to see how many hours on the road they have left, there’s an app for that. There were almost 20 times as many transportation applications available for mobile devices in 2011 as there were the year before, technology experts said.

Carriers Offer Drivers Pay Raises, Guarantees

Five companies in various trucking sectors recently announced diverse steps to increase driver compensation, as carriers tackle the growing need to keep and attract drivers in a strengthening freight environment.

The silent killer in your cab...

ee Jordan awoke in his truck’s cab early February and had no idea how he got to an Indiana truck stop.
Confused, he couldn’t find his drawer full of socks. Ex-wife Paulette Jordan told Lee he was confusing her and said, “You need to get in somewhere and stop,” prompting Lee to stop and admit himself at an emergency room.

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Increased demand in trucking jobs

PEORIA - In the midst of a recession, the trucking industry has seen growth that many companies are now trying to cash in on.
The Mid-West Truckers Association is in Peoria this weekend for its annual Convention and Truck Show.

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