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Issue No. 4, 12 January, 2012
Winter Driving

Winter is here. Preparing your staff and drivers for winter weather challenges well in advance of its arrival will reduce the stress of this driving season. Winter weather and driving in snow and ice is difficult. It tests the skills and professionalism of our drivers. We must be mentally and physically ready to support them and get them home safely.

myDAT App Dissected...

This application is available for iPhone as well as Android platform mobile devices. We downloaded and tested it for you. After the usual download and permission requirement steps, the app was ready to be used.

Preventing LED Theft

They've pretty much taken over the vehicle lighting business, and they don't cost nearly as much as when they first appeared about 20 years ago. So LEDs - lamps made with light-emitting diodes -

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Charging Batteries in Cold Weather

One of the biggest misconceptions is that batteries charge the same throughout the year. They simply don't! In warm weather (above 40 degrees), batteries are very easy to recharge.

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